Credit Card Consumer Revolt

John Tuttle
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A consumer revolt against the credit card industry is long overdue. For thirty years credit card companies have worked to undermine government regulation of their industry. They have purposely moved their operations to the states with the weakest consumer protection laws so they could raise interest rates and fees, and use the fine print in their confusing loan contracts to take advantage of people. They charge interest rates as high as 36% and they have added fees for just about everything imaginable -- including processing fees for raising their interest rates! The wealthy financiers and corporations that control this industry are screwing millions of poor and middle class Americans who are dependent on credit card loans -- sometimes just to pay for necessities like food, fuel, and medical care. We are organizing an internet based campaign to fight back. The supporters of are demanding that:


We are a loosely knit group of consumers and credit card holders who are fed up with the abuses and excesses of the credit card industry. We recognize the power of the internet as a tool to reach large numbers of people. We believe that millions of Americans are angry with the treatment that they have received by this arrogant industry and that many will support our effort to fight back. We invite credit card holders to sign our petition and to visit our site at




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