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Crane Crest Owners' Requests

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On Tuesday, August 30, 2021, many owners at the the Crane Crest Association hosted a Zoom meeting to discuss our concerns with how our garden and garage project (Project 1) is being managed. Recent actions by our Board were discussed, including the vote for an assessment before owners were given an opportunity to ask questions, as well as the subsequent letter stating that the vote was taken prematurely and that the board will now "completely revisit this issue."

Owners also shared deep concerns about a letter emailed to all from from the Board dated August 27, 2021 which created fear and confusion by stating that "our engineer cannot confirm that our building is safe for occupancy... he has indicated that it will take him up to ninety (90) days to complete his report" and owners who choose to stay at the Crane Crest "do so at their own risk."

Following these letters, many owners who have reached out to members of our Board have been told "the lawyers are in charge now."

As a result of these actions taken by our Board - and the concern, confusion and lack of clarity that has been the result - we are requesting that the Board take the following actions swiftly and in totality:

1. Convene a meeting no later than September 14, 2021 (BEFORE the next reserve vote is taken) between Crane Crest owners and Donna Berger (as well as any of her associates), our attorney from Becker Lawyers. Owners have questions and would like an open forum to discuss them with the attorneys we pay for.

2. Commit to completing our required 50-year inspection in a timely manner by early October as required by LBTS and per the notice that was sent to the Crane Crest in early July of 2021.

3. Cease the effort of the Board to approach this garden and roof project (Project 1) as a "maintenance" project and classify it as a "capital improvement" as it should be. Owners have spoken with LBTS, City of Pompano Beach, the IRS, Florida DBPR and several attorneys and each entity has agreed that this project is a capital improvement, must be classified as such and is predicated on approval via an owners' vote. In addition, owners want input into our garden and how it will be redesigned - it is not a "Board" garden where a handful of people have sole authority over the design. Ours is a "community" garden and as such, owners must be included in its future planning.

4. The immediate appointment of Brian Gordon to the Board in the seat currently vacant and the appointment of Brian Gordon as the Board member leading Project 1. Brian is a highly qualified and experienced engineering and construction project manager with decades of expertise managing large projects, such as the construction of very large bridges and buildings all over the world, and we believe he is most qualified to lead Project 1 from a Board perspective. His bio is here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-gordon-2258a32b/...

We, the signatories to this petition, request the Board act on our requests quickly and in totality. We want to work together with you and we are all committed to making the Crane Crest a safe community with transparent and inclusive leadership.

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