Free CP Membership every December 25

Nathaniel Supan
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I have a great idea to have a free membership day on Club Penguin. The Free membership will be given every December 25 as a gift of Club Penguin. Please sign this petition. When I get up to 1,000 signatures. I will send this idea to Club Penguin.

That means everyone who logs in on the Free Membership day will have full access
to all of Club Penguin's Membership features! You can 
use your coins to buy anything in the 
clothes catalog! Or purchase
any furniture in the furniture catalog and unlock
your igloo to have friends over! You can even adopt more than 2 puffles!

You can keep everything you have brought! Except for your clothes. The clothes you bought will be shaded but the clothes you are wearing during the free membership day. Please sign this petition, think about all the other penguins who doesn't have membership....


Nolimit151 cpDq231 and other non-member penguins





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