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Covet Fashion game update ideas

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The idea is sent Covet Fashion game an e-mail with the list shown below and the results of this petition. I don't wanna ask then to make all changes. This is just to SHOW then how we think about the game. And to give them ideas and tips how to make the game better. It would be awesome if some of these would be changed in the game.


●A search tab in the clothing menu.

For example: If you are looking for the

Maslavi M177 dress, you type M177 and

then you find it.

●More sub-categories in clothing.

For example:





▪1 schoulder


▪Platform sole


●Search options for your previous outfits.

For example:

○Search per season

○Search by challenge name

●Sorting options for your previous outfits.

For example:

○By score

○By likes

●Show the exact score of previous outfits.

Not only the amount of stars shown.

●No random rally pieces. You get so many

same pieces.

●Better location. Now it often says another

location as where you actually live.

●When you wanna borrow a certain item, it

would be easier if the friends that have that

item, are highlighted or something.

●The ability to sort clothing by cost. You don't

always have enough money and skip a

challenge because you think you can't make


●Search for clothing of a certain price.

Maybe sub-categorie like:

○Dresses --> Formal

▪0-100 cash

▪101 -250 cash etc.


▪0-100 diamonds

▪101-250 diamonds etc.

●Try on whole outfits that you haven't bought.

It's too hard to visualise an outfit if you can't

try it on.

●The ability to borrow 2 items for a flashback

and the 200$ challenges.

●Add novelties.

For example:


○Nail polish (hands and feet)

○Bouquets of flowers


○Sunglasses in the hair

●Some music or sounds in the game

●Sorting function for hair and make-up.

For example:

○By colour hair (blonde/brown/red/black)

○By lip colour (red/pink/nude)

○By eye make-up colour.

●A pop-up button for resetting unworn items.

Many players lost money because they

double tapped by accident.

For example:

○Are you sure you want to reset this

unworn item?

●Search dresses by silhouette.

For example:


○Tight to toe


●Two-piece dress search or categorie option

is highly requested.

●Sliders for hair, lip and eye colours.

Keep all hair and make-up styles. But add a

slider. This way people can make a lip

darker. Or make the eye make-up less

heavier so the lips stand out better.

●Lower the price of hair-accessories please.

It's ridiculous how expensive it is now.

●Ability to save your favourite hair and

make-up combinations.

(Imagine when you are level 58 and always

have to scroll down for ages.)

●Have a list of statistics.

For example:

○ How many Top Looks

○Best level looks

○Most liked outfits

●Abbility to sort hair and make-up by most


●New jet-set challenges.

●Ability to win hair- accessorie credits.

For example you can win the credit instead

of a certain hairpiece so players can choose

for themselves what piece they want.

●The ability to sell items if you need the

money. But with maybe a mac or something.

So that people won't level down.

●The ability to move friends from your list and

from Facebook at the same time. Most

players have 100s of friends. All of them

named by covet player name in their list.

Loads of them are inactive but still in the

list. Because their Facebook name is

different it's impossible to find and remove

them from your friends list.

●A different position for one leg or foot.

You only see the front side of the shoes.

Especially high heels are looking way better

when you see then from the side.

●Gift cash or diamonds to friend.

●A way to delete all read messages at once

from the inbox.

●Choose to hide items in your closet.

You can choose per item. If an item is

a requirement for a challenge make it

visible automatically.

●The ability to select your favourite items in

your closet.

●Ability to assign tags to clothing items.

For example:




●Wider range of skin tones please.

●An in-game private message option. This

way you can also talk private with members

of your house.

●The ability for House officers and Head of

Houses to sent private messages to house


For example:

○When they have problems with a rally and

ask members in chat what happened.

Reactions like holiday, personal stuff etc.

will come. It's hard for HO and HOH to read

through all that messages. To make it easier

A private message option will be amazing.

●Organise the support section in the game

better. People don't always get a reaction

and when they do 9/10 is to clear your


●The ability to trade cash for diamonds.

●Make all Covet Collection items season-free.

So that's It's usable for all seasons.

●Earn diamonds instead of cash for entering

flashbacks. That would be more fair.

●Make models move. Or put them on a stand

that turn around.

●Stock more tickets at once. Like 100.

●Jewelry layering. More necklaces and

bracelets at once.

●Hats and hair. When you put on a hat it often

cuts of the hair at a weird angle.

●Hair accessory for every 1-10th level.

Now some hair accessories are only for

30+ levels.

●Multilayer option.

For example:

○Socks over tights

○Pants, skirts and other over bodysuit

○Short dresses over pants



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