court's order for visitation of child(s) to other parent should the first step when parents start fighting cases

rohit mattoo
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First cause of action of any court should be to strictly order & ensure facilitation for visitation of child(s) to the other parent when both parents start fighting cases against each other, otherwise well being and overall development of child(s) will be affected, this initiative should have been taken by child welfare societies. This should be applicable in both cases when child(s) is residing with mother or with father as the first step towards the child welfare for developing healthy relations between parents and children. Whenever there is dispute between two parents most severely affected is the child(s) who is innocent and knows nothing about what is going on in between his/her parents why they are fighting these court cases i.e. Domestic Violence, 498a, 125 CRPC, 488RPC, Divorce, Maintenance pendalite or Child custody/ visitation. These above mentioned cases are going to ruin that family overall but since child is in developing stage he should be given normal treatment and allowed by court to meet the other parent so that he/she can get affection from both the parents in a normal way irrespective of with which parent he/she is residing during tenure of these cases. Thanks & Regards Rohit Kumar Mattoo Mob-9871077866




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