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Country Club Members-

As the new swimming facilities construction starts back, there is a detail concerning the adult pool that needs to be addressed.  To start, here is a little history to the pool area and to the current project.  The pools that were just demolished were built over 50 years ago.  They served their purpose for those years, and the members of the club are excited about the current project upgrade.  When the new project was mentioned, several members voiced concern about the new plans.  The upper pool was previously 33 1/3 yards, and it is now planned to be cut to only 17 1/2 yards.  The pool is also planned to be too shallow to allow for flip turns, a technique used my many swimmers for efficient swimming. 

The adult members need a 25 yard pool that is deep enough to do flip turns.  The current plan of the upper pool would just need to add 4 yards to each in to make this possible.  There is a concern by some that this will take away from reception space.  The 8 yards that would be added to the pool design would not affect the overall reception area in a manner that woud cause people to not have a reception in the area. 

WIth the aging demographics of the Country Club members, more and more people will use the adult pool so that they can swim.  Swimming is often used as a method of rehabilitation for aging people due to its minimal impact on the body.  There are several members that swim for fitness and also training. 

Another concern is the cost to change the plans of the adult pool.  While there will be some costs associated with increasing the size of the pool and new plans being drawn, these costs are minimal when ammortized over the life of the pool, whhich will most likely be in place for 25+ years.  The use that the pool will get if it is 25 yards versus the current 17 1/2 yard pool will be drastic.  Most swimmers will not swim in a 17 1/2 yard pool, and if it is changed to 25 yards, the pool will have plenty of members using the pool for years to come.


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