An appeal to Core Design staff- please post some levels made with one of the Tomb Raider level editors at

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An appeal to the former members of Core Design.

It's the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider this year, and current Tomb Raider games are made by Square Enix- not Core Design, the original creators.

Back in 2000, Core Design released a level editor that came with the PC version of Tomb Raider Chronicles. This is the engine with which they had produced the pevious game, Tomb Raider: the Last Revelation. ... index.html

In 2008, a talented programmer named Paolone made an updated version of this engine (TRNG- Tomb Raider Next Generation game engine), and a new level editor to go with it (NGLE-Next Generation Level Editor).

These efforts led to an online community where people post their own levels and chat about them on a forum.

To this day, is a thriving community with many people posting their own creations, proving to be a major testament to the brilliance of what the members of Core Design made in the first place.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary with a much more authentic feel, we are making an appeal to the staff from Core Design to make a few levels using one of these editors, and to post them online at

Perhaps also, you have some sketches of levels that were never made, that we could help recreate. Please post any of your photos and memories. But most of all, please post a few levels. If you run into any technical problems, there are countless members here on their forum that would be willing to help. ... index.html

And while you're there, take a look at our new engine and user generated levels, and tell us what you think. : )



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