Bring Better Police Enforcement on BC Roads

Jousette  Giffen
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Driving in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia is horrible. The driving habits of the majority of individuals is extremely poor and dangerous. The lack of police enforcement on our roads is pitiful and that is due to lack funds provided by our government (and too many Tim Horton's?). We need more police or an actual traffic unit that we are able to see daily on our roads. People are dangerous with the excessive speeding, tailgating, in and out of traffic and making dangerous manouvers by passing on shoulders; running lights; stop signs, deciding that they want to turn or that they missed their turn and all of sudden cutting across 2 or 3 lanes of traffic or slamming on their breaks, backing up to take the turn they were wanting to take or completing a U-turn in oncoming traffic. Dangerous driving habits have to stop!





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