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Remove the Cook Shack Cafe Structures from Alexis Creek

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The current “Cook Shack Café” structures within Alexis Creek, located along Highway 20, pose an imminent fire, as well as health and safety risk to the community of Alexis Creek. The old motel and restaurant have not been in operation for close to 20 years, with little to no maintenance being done to the property since its closure.

The Cook Shack Café needs to be demolished due to the high level of health and safety risk it poses to the public and our community. The structures currently on the property are condemnable with no security in place to restrict public use. Doors have been left open for years with holes in the floors and roofs, providing the opportunity for children to enter the area unsupervised suffering injury or death. Rodents inhabit all constructed spaces, fostering diseases such as the hantavirus. In previous years, this property has also been the breeding grounds for feral cats.

The Cook Shack Café needs to be demolished due to the imminent fire risk it poses to the community of Alexis Creek. The grass and weeds on the property are not maintained, leaving mass amounts of fuel at the foot of largely wooden structures throughout the property. The Property itself is located along Highway 20 with a majority of Alexis creek located up hill. This means if a fire did ignite, most of Alexis Creek would be in the immediate path of devastation. The proximity to Highway 20 also provides opportunity for lit cigarettes to ignite the fuel.

The Cook Shack Café needs to be demolished because it tarnishes the image of Alexis Creek and the entire Carboo-Chilcotin. If the community cannot care for its buildings, how is any business supposed to trust that this area is a good place to invest? The Cook Shack Café was a monument of our rich history, but today it stands to be the monument of our economic demise.

This petition calls for the demolition of all structures on the Cook Shack Café property within Alexis Creek. While the situation of this property may be complicated, our community cannot afford to wait any longer to have this issue resolved.

We are open to discussions to find alternate solutions that directly address the above concerns.

Property Details:

Address: 7702 Chilcotin Highway 20, Alexis Creek, BC, Canada


BC Assessment Value as of July 2017: $66,100

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