Convocation of the Extraordinary General Assembly

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Convocation of the Extraordinary General Assembly

Given the unprecedented crisis that is undergoing now in our organization;

Considering the fact that SAGIC cannot function with an Executive Bureau whose term has exhausted;

Considering that the current SAGIC Bylaws does NOT define or prevent the use of any methods or technology to seek delegates’ opinion.

Considering the fact that the Advisory Board as defined in section 3.2 of our Bylaws has never been filed and that we need that board in order to validate the Amendment proposal of our Bylaws;

In order to prevent our great organization from collapsing;

And in accordance with section 5.1 of our Bylaws;

We, SAGIC delegates, hereby take the following decisions:

  1. The SAGIC will hold an extraordinary National General Assembly on March 10th, 2018 at a location to be determined by the majority of Association Members,in order to file the Advisory Board, amend our Bylaws, elect the new Executive Bureau and layout a foundation for a greater Organization.
  2. The following SAGIC delegates who have accepted to volunteer their time will coordinate in all transparency the planning and the execution of that Extraordinary General Assembly, including the Supervision of the election of the new Executive Bureau, the filing of the Advisory Board and the Amendment proposals of the Bylaws and Electoral Code, and to help facilitate the dialogue between all involved parties. Under any circumstance will they sick to be elected to any position in that Executive Bureau nor support any candidate.
  1. Wilfrid Muiche: Dynamique Ouest Cameroun d'Ohio (DOCO) Delegate
  2. Josue Fassu: Haut Nkam New York Delegate, Member of the last Evaluation Commission
  3. Martin Siegha: Dynastie Delegate, Spoke Person of the last Evaluation Commission
  4. Theodore Moukam: Dynastie Delegate
  5. Aurelien Hyonkeu: Diamond 12 Delegate, Member of the last Evaluation Commission


  1. We believe in a SAGIC of its Association members, governed by those association members and for its association members.
  2. By signing this petition, you are giving your voice in favor of the convocation of the above mentioned Extraordinary General Assembly.
  3. In order for this petition to become a decision and be enforced, 71 out of 140 delegates are needed.

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