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single dad contradictive double standers,by child support

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as a single dad of five with three kids in my custodty,me and my family have been subjective to unfair practices,policies,bias laws deceptive erroneous arears amounts,and contradictive policies and laws.As a result placeing my family below poverty levels. this is what the system is suppose to prevent.thats what the system promotes.they bost how they help get billions of dollars in reares from dead beat dads!however they never mention the lengths they go to ,too get it.(example) most young men have no knowledge of the system at all ,first they lose by default then ,there checks are garnished to the self supporting level of one, he makes $300 wkly and recieves $65 wkly loses his job. does,nt know that he needs to contact child spt gets on welfare for two years ,has no earning capabilities. comes of welfare gets a job, and finds out he owes at the rate of his last job two years earlyer,when he had no income those two years would totaling 22,560. even though he was on welfare had no earning capacities. child support has such powers to check any org any time!!,then why dont they check social security records and base the reares on true earning capbabilities. ssi has the true total amounts ,not the trumped up unfair deceptive amounts that a payee never had the capbabillities of provideing. the facts are at ssi!!.this practice is unfair unjust un constituinal. once a unknowledgable payyee gets this far in the hole,they become disgruntle and it gets worse.if he goes to court he is defenless.cath22!!!.the freetax payed lawyers/ almost always represent the moms,creating an conflict of interest.putting an unknowing unknowledgeable payee at the hands of an merceyless sytem.resulting in further finacial burden,a sense of hopelessness.most payee cant go on under thease circumstances.they drop out of the market. child support or the courts do not have the abillity to right a wrong when they relizes the unjust the laws subject payees too!. only the law makers,politicians etc .by makeing changes. my situation is I have five kids,two outside my household three in my household they use to be with there mom child support represented them then takeing a bigger portion for them back that the kids are with me they have no more regards,consideration,not figured into there calculations,forgotten!. the three kids with me mom is dead. the same consideration given for her and the children dont apply anymore.the children still need everything they needed when with there mom.there are no mens help groups only support groups sharing horror stories. we need change reform millions of payees are suffering at the hands of a bias double stander deceptive name is ron hagan #585-254-3777 email i,ve been at this for ten years ive exhasted all avenues,pettioned the courts asked for modifcations, and was told that i am right but the laws have no redemtions plans they cant right them. so here i am defenless like millions of silent sufferers suffering living below the self supporting level of one with a family of four /poverty. please join me in this fight against a bias unjust deceptive system


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