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Contract For America

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Contract For America

Introduction and purpose of this petition:

To all Republican House Members and Senators,

For too long now, we the people have sent you to Washington expecting you to carry out the will of the people, only to see nothing of consequence ever being done. We hear you say you speak often to your constituents and listen to their complaints---and you promise action---but action never comes; nothing is ever done. If you really knew how little we think of you, you would be very alarmed. We the people are certainly alarmed at the direction of the country. Currently, eighty-five percent of voters feel the country is going in the wrong direction---and we blame you. Is it any surprise that the approval rating of Congress currently stands at 18%?

We are starting this petition to bring to your attention the items on which we expect you to act with the beginning of the new Congress on January 3rd, 2023. Failure to act on these items will risk our support in the 2024 election. For too long we have held our noses and voted Republican because we so feared what will happen with Democrats in power. No longer, for we have nothing left to lose. But you do. So read this petition carefully and pay close attention to our grievances.

Contract Action Items:

Border Security

  • Pass a Bill re-authorizing the construction of the Border Wall---with a specific start date and completion date. Authorize the monies for its construction. Dare the Biden Administration to veto it.
  • Pass a DACA Bill. For too long these children and young adults have been left in limbo and have been victims of the usual DC political football games. Give them specified residency status and a pathway to citizenship.
  • Reform the entire Visa Residence and green Card process. Expand the number of work visas available within the specified categories. At the same time, enforce Student visas. Track all here on student visas and either require they apply for a Residence Visa upon completion of studies or face deportation----and then deport any that fail to follow the law.
  • Reform the Asylum Law. Restrict offers of asylum to very limited categories and end umbrella asylum. Expand and fund the Asylum Courts to expedite the backlog.

Congress and the Administrative State:

For too long Congress has ceded power to the Administrative State and has made Administrative Offices unaccountable to the people. This must end.

  • Examine all Administrative Departments with respect to Administrative Law and Administrative Courts. Rescind Administrative Laws and reduce the powers of Administrative Courts wherever possible. Return those powers to the Civil Court systems. It is right for Administrative Offices to have powers of prosecution, but they can no longer enjoy being that AND judge AND executioner.
  • Connected with the duties of the House of Representatives to create and pass a federal budget and to reduce the size of the overall Administrative State, reduce the budgets of all Administrative Offices by a minimum of 3% each fiscal year until the total budgets have been reduced by at least 12%.
  • Codify into law Executive Order 13957, hereafter known as the creation of Section F federal employees making the same into at will employees and dismissible by the President as Chief Executive Officer, Cabinet Secretaries, and/or Directors of all Federal Agencies.

Congress and the Budget

No more continuing resolutions. No more adding pork to the budget for pet projects. The House of Representatives has the enumerated duty to create and pass a budget for each fiscal year. The budget proposed and passed should reflect spending based on revenue. Continued borrowing and the printing of fiat currency has led to a condition of spiraling inflation that hurts each and every American. This too must stop.

  • Beginning with the new Congress of 2023, the proposed budget for fiscal year 2024 should be a reflection of actual revenue expectations. For this next budget, borrowing to cover unfunded budget items should not exceed 20% of expected revenues. Note—the budget deficit for fiscal year 2022 is projected to be $1.217 trillion. Under this proposal, the 2024 budget’s deficit spending shall not exceed $ 1.170 trillion—in essence freezing the 2024 budget at 2023 levels.
  • Each year thereafter the exceeded amount shall be reduced by 3% (17% of unfunded budget amounts for year two and decreasing by 3% each year) such that by fiscal year 2030, the budget passed will equal revenue expectations and any borrowing for emergency needs must be passed by a supermajority of both Houses. For the Senate, this would require 67 votes. For the House, this should require 291 votes.

Protecting Women's Rights
Any sports activities subject to Title IX of the Civil Right's Code and receiving federal monies will be limited to persons possessing XX chromosomes without exception.

WE, the undersigned, do hereby pledge that if the Republican Congress does not undertake these items in a sincere and forthright manner, WE WILL STAY HOME IN 2024.

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