Get Skype on PS3 and X360!

Mark Paterson
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Having seen a petition for Skype on the PS3, wouldnt' be an even better idea to have it on the 360 aswell Imagine having cross-platform game chat with all your friends on their PCs, PS3s and X360s! Having Skype running in the background on the PS3 and X360 would mean that, in-game, someone playing Killzone 2, someone playing Halo 3 and someone playing World of Warcraft could chat together! As far as gaming is concerned, having Skype on the X360 and PS3 consoles would be a giant leap forward in bringing people together.




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    Mark Alderson-Dunn United States
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    lol India
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    Raidan 69 United Kingdom
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    G Campbell United Kingdom
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