Congressional Term Limits

Jeremiah Tezeno
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I humbly ask that every American join me in the fight to pass a law invoking term limits for Congressmen and Senators. My suggestion is an 8 to 10 year maximum. In addition to term limits I believe that these individuals should be limited in media coverage unless running for an office and/or emergency situations or addresses. Furthermore I believe that they should be paid no more than minimum wage with NO insurance coverage or perks/benefits. Instead, I believe that they should be required to maintain a full time position in the private sector in order to fully understand the gravity of their decisions, positions and policies. I feel that if we could start here-taking away all of the frills, benefits, glitz and glamour-we would actually be able to weed out all of the attention-seeking, glory hog, do nothing-but-try-to-win-the-next-election "lawmakers" on both sides. This sort of approach would assure that only those who really live to serve and work for the enrichment and betterment of THE PEOPLE sign up for the job. This is a serious, non-partisan petition and I really hope that it can garner some attention (even if it has no effect on Washington) so that these people can truly understand that they are playing politics with people's lives every single day and it is time to stop.