Congress Needs to Take A Pay Cut

kori white
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The signers of this petition understand that this is not a partisan petition. They are citizens who are discouraged by the lack of effort to improve the quality of life for taxpayers across the US and the inability of elected officials to enact changes that will benefit the next generation. We are not going to pay you, until you work to solve the problem. This is your employee evaluation and you are found “wanting”. Until the economy gets substantially better and the unemployment rate falls below 4.7% (the rate in July 2007), members of the United States Congress must agree to immediately forfeit their salaries and congressional benefits, until the unemployment rate is minimized and not "propped up" by temporary methods. Furthermore, Congress forfeits the ability to vote on pay increases for their branch of government for the next 15 years if actions are taken to repair the economy derailed since 2001. Americans desire and want more!




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    Angela R Todd United States
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