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Congressional Hearing Request

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WE THE PEOPLE request that Congressional Hearings be conducted to expose the truth about smoking bans being imposed throughout the United States. We desire to once again be a free nation whose health is not controlled by special interest groups or foundations whose parent companies profit. The corruption behind these bans is widespread. We have the right as citizens to ask that Congress conduct an investigation, utilizing neutral experts who have no connection to the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, World Health Organization, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation or any other organization or pharmaceutical company who has profited from these smoking bans. This petition has been signed by U.S. citizens who are of legal age to vote. This petition is not limited to one state. It is a national petition, as this plague has affected each state of these United States. Smoking bans across the U.S. are legislated or voted in based on lies and pure greed for financial gain and/or power. We ask that the following areas be investigated: 1. Smoking bans are based on selected and cherry picked studies. Studies that show no causal relationship are either ignored, discredited or the author(s) discredited (sometimes to the point of professional ruination) 2. Ex-Surgeon General Carmona 2006 Report 3. The money behind the bans - the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 4. Those who profit 5. Who are the 53,000 6. Why are total bans the law when we have OSHA whose job it is to protect all workers 7. Global corruption (Congress must investigate the U.S. involvement) 8. Why are there no lifetime limits placed on donations from foundations Since this petition is limited to 1,000 words, please click on this link to view the supporting facts, statements and documentation: SUMMARY Because U.S. smoking bans are based on junk meta analyses, driven by corrupt organizations and foundations for pure profit (financially and/or for power), we demand an investigation. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are losing at least 4 of our Constitutional Rights, all for the greed of the already wealthy. Private property shall not be taken for public use, and yet you deem our properties as public to make these laws. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are losing our businesses, our homes, are driven to bankruptcy and we deserve an investigation-a Congressional Hearing. It is already out of control. This issue is tearing this country apart. The lies about SHS are creating the real death statistics: people who step outside their place of employment to smoke are being beaten and killed. Over 100 businesses in major cities have died in Ohio since the smoking ban. Hawaii bar owners are losing their businesses as are Colorado and other states\' hospitality industry establishments. Illinois elderly who live in retirement homes are being forced outside on walkers in horrible weather conditions to smoke. This isn\'t about health or elderly wouldn\'t be forced into Chicago weather! These are the real dangers and the real statistics. The ONLY people making money off smoking bans are the pharmaceutical companies who paid to have bans imposed. Businesses are dying. Why are special interest groups and foundations allowed to run our country This has to stop. Who is going to give back the businesses to the people who have lost them How will they get their homes back Please stop this before it is too late. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are tired of being pushed around. We want our Constitution back. Our government has gone too far in its scope of duties. A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned -- this is the sum of good government. - Thomas Jefferson Listen to some of the business owners in Ohio who desperately wanted someone, ANYONE, to hear their pleas: (taken by M. Link) This petition by The American People, for The American People was initiated by: Opponents of Ohio Bans P.O. Box 402 Grove City, OH 43123


Opponents of Ohio Bans is comprised of Ohio citizens and business owners who oppose all bans. Bans infringe on individual freedoms & choices and strip business owners of property rights, guaranteed under the Constitution. Bans (like Ohio\'s smoking ban) are based on lies perpetrated by those who stand to profit financially, at the cost of our freedom. Nothing should be banned totally. We believe the American People can make intelligent choices without interference in their lives and businesses. We came together because we all believe Americans/Ohioans should have choices. We\'re tired of being told what we can and cannot do by those who have lost sight of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. If THEY won\'t fight for us, then WE must! Yes, we
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