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Concerned La Verne faculty for the restoration of Diane Klein's shared governance rights

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On December 20, 2019, Prof. Diane Klein, a full tenured professor at the University of La Verne College of Law, was placed on administrative leave and prohibited from any communication with our "University staff/faculty," indefinitely.

Prof. Klein is the president of ULV's AAUP chapter; she is an elected Faculty Assembly Senator; she is an elected member of the Faculty Ad Hoc Committee convened by ULV in relation to the transition of the ULV COL from an ABA-accredited program to a Cal Bar program. She is also a member of a Faculty Senate Subcommittee charged with drafting a resolution in support of a pending vote of no-confidence in the administration of ULV, including President Lieberman. Prof. Klein is also the primary drafter of a key chapter of ULV's Faculty Handbook - a chapter which contains strong tenure-protective provisions, adopted unanimously by ULV's Board of Trustees, but currently under threat by administrative actions.

Prohibiting Prof. Klein from communicating with fellow faculty members, including chapter members and personal friends would be improper under any conditions of administrative leave. Under current conditions of a no-confidence vote by the Faculty Senate by an overwhelming margin (17-3-1), this action appears to be retaliatory, and a violation of academic freedom. It is an interference with the operation of shared governance at ULV, and with the right of ULV's faculty members to representatives of their choosing.

We, concerned faculty of the University of La Verne, are united in our call upon the administration to reinstate Prof. Klein to her elected shared governance roles during the pendency of any investigation.

We are further united in our demand that any action against Prof. Klein be carried out according to Faculty Handbook regulations as specified in Chapter 4, Section 4.3.3.

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