Compulsory PSHE education

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PSHE education is valued by young people. It is a forum within which they can safely ask questions about issues that effect them. They understand that the answers given by a trained practitioner will be researched, balanced and always in their interest. This is preferable to having misinformed and biased conversations in the playground, trawling the internet for reliable advice and making decisions based on ignorance. Many pupils deal with hidden worries everyday and are forced to deal with them privately for fear of humiliation, rejection, bullying or loss of status. PSHE lessons give them the opportunity to explore issues from a distance and listen to suggestions about how to solve problems and where to go for help. Some of the essential topics that are covered include relationships, mental health, risks to living healthily, sexual health, drugs education, peer pressure and stress. Ensure that this subject is protected in the curriculum by signing this petition for compulsory PSHE education in schools. Make a difference for the good of all our children.




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