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My petition is for me to chance the United States of American Government money system in my system that i came up with. i'm going to share my unedit but a lot already edited by me and other but insted of explainining here i go....... Communasociallizism The United States of America ID System United States of ID System vs. Money Currency is a huge problem for us; the cost of housing and expenses are too much and the cost of housing per year for a average family is $150,000 per year. Look at it this way, if people who reside in the United States are going to rely on money for the rest of their lives, then the United States is going to collapse. We, as a union, need to come up with a new system that does not involve money. His purpose for communicating this is so the citizens of the United States of America will be as equal as we “should” be. Our nation could be happier and more productive if this writer’s philosophy was put into action. We would solve all existing problems and help those that are at risk of losing their homes. This writer, while developing his philosophy, decided that if money is causing us all these problems, why not just get rid of it? This new money-free philosophy is titled The United States of America ID System, hereafter referred to as the ID system. In the next few pages, I will go into more detail explaining how this philosophy works and how this writer believes it can benefit the members of society. How the United States of America ID System works our nation must enforce existing laws and add laws excluding the addition of money into the United States. The Government of the United States must support the parents and their children to complete high school until they have a high school diploma. The government must also advise every child to go to college otherwise they will be homeless at their own will. After they have graduated collage with a certificate and ID she or he can access everything in the United States with the extent of their of education. How society is dysfunctional. We don’t realize as human beings that our nature is our beauty, some like others can survive but some can’t, that’s why it’s real important to take really good care of ourselves and treat others with respect and show them kindness. We don’t have to be perfect, we just have to do our best every single day and even if it takes one second of to our to reflect upon on your own life and look at what you did wrong; that’s all it takes. To the Kind of agreement or more, if civilization judges you they are wrong; because the real truth is that they do not care. Society is a mess; we don’t know how to fix it. If this writer’s philosophy is in our best interest, we better put it into our culture instead of the money system and watch as his philosophy grows. You only have a few friends to support you through the hard times in this type of culture. Some of the best things you can do are is, to become much more positive and move on with your life. Make goals for yourself each and every day and you will be much happier person. People around the world are suffering from all kinds of things they do not know how much. Some people like me care for them when others don’t and leave them to surfer. People are becoming homeless in a lot of states. Children who can’t afford health benefits are getting sicker each and every day. As I was going into the welfare’s office, I sat down and talked to a young boy and his little sister. Maybe, this was a mistake or not but I believe it was not. The government took their home away from them and they were reapplying for new a house settlement. It’s sad to see two little young people just like me struggling with parents and their animals but society does not do anything about it. People need to forget and let go of what America did to them in the past history. We as a homeland need to understand that we can become a much better humanity and live a better America, if we can’t understand the concept of a better society; we would not be in such a better culture that could benefit us as a whole. A nation that I am talking about is that people wouldn’t want to judge one another, and put others down. The biggest thing before I go into it, I’m going to explain how I feel about homosexuals. Who am I to judge homosexuals or gay or lesbians people and their type of society even though I do not socialize or put myself in that category with them as long as they don’t hit on me? What I think about their relationships is wrong but who am I to say that? No can judge one another for who they really are. I just rather not date anyone who is bisexual or homosexual even though I have dated bisexual girls in the past but now for now my own good I won’t date until I have my life together and If I find the right person for me. Back to this writer’s philosophy; The ID that the college will give the graduate student will say the certificate that he/she is certified to work at what he study hard and is certified to do with the ID system. The ID systemically will have three components, such the photo ID that as long as you go to high school you are allowed to work in U.S with parental permission if 14 years of age with a part time job.( Notice: That any CEO from any company in the U.S that says no to you, the minor of the parent that signed the consent form for their own child to work in the United States of America will get suede for half of what they make per year and that money will go to the minors bank account if they do not hire them. The company can hire only the max of employees they can have or handle. ) The ID will show your home address, how old you are, and if you are still a student, and your phone number so if you don’t remember or don’t know where you’re ID I is. You can simply just use your thumb to make transaction any time you want again to till you can recover your ID information to make transactions all over again and buy the merchandise. You must go to the head quarters of the United States of America immediately so no one steals your personal information and here is how you do it. If you missed placed your photo ID or some stolen your ID, just call (911) first thing and then they will transfer you to the head quarters of the United States of America ID making system to reapply for a new ID for free. All you have to bring with you is, all your documentation that says you are legal in to be in country and the will process a new ID for you so you on the spot and the you can make transactions again the next day after it has been processed through the system. The second kind of ID is your driver’s license; it can be used for money transaction too on top of the college ID which is the third ID. The only thing is that it would take away would your photo ID when you have your official driver’s license. If the person in sells stores asks for ID, he can simply scan it and all his information will come up on the computer saying he or she can buy the merchandise. What the need such as a house, food, water and heat cannot be taken away from us for the rest of our lives. Because we have graduated college with a certificate and an adult ID which certifies us to be in our ownership over our own homes which it includes, a house, food, water and heat. All you need is to get this is free education and after that you just have to work hard for buying things for your children when the holidays hit and anytime pleasures you want. Now let’s talk about firearms, for a hunting firearm all you need to do is take a test and then you will be either certified or not and it will show on your ID that you are certified to own and transport a firearm but only a hunting firearm. If the government is willing to work with the community of the United States as a whole or collaborate together to become a money free and give FREE EDUCATION which is the key that holds a wonderful future for the homeless and for the rich. This young writer thinks this country under the words that this wonderful writer created such as this country would not be called a communalism country or socialism it would be called a Comunasociallizism . Graduating high school is the most important thing, if you don’t graduate high school and go to college, you will have a poor future. College is the key that holds your future; it’s the answer to all societies problems all, you just have to do is graduate high school and go to college and study really hard because you are going to have to work at what you are certified to do. Let explain the ID system vs. The ID system vs. the money system. The ID system is giving you an opportunity to get a free education to go to college and it will pay for all your expenses as long as your work at what you are certified to do. Free education is for our nations good and if the government is willing to take this writer’s philosophy and put it into action, the United States of America won’t go into debt anymore with other countries if they just stop the bargaining system. With this new ID system that this young writer wrote, cannot fail the United States of America and the system would just be like a credit card system, an ID system which is more valuable to people because if you lose it others can have access to all your information to your baking account, but that’s why this young writer created three ID system in this new system you can keep this young writer’s ID system that he created himself and you are free to keep your ID for the rest of your life. No one from anywhere in the United States can take your home, food, water and heat away from you. (They cannot take it away from you because you have a high school diploma, your certificate and an adult ID from when you had graduated college.). You all know what money does to us all; it makes us greedy and makes us wants to steal. Money is bringing a lot of financial problems and it has brought a lot of innocent people to do bad things that they did not want do such as crime. Prostitution: is huge problem for society; we need to teach woman that money isn’t the they love they need. The love they need is treatment to help them find the right person for them and we must get rid of all pornography websites because that is a huge main source of disrespect towards woman even though I myself used to watch it, but every now and then I watch porn and why I say that is not like I am addicted to it like everybody else. I want to stop because I feel ashamed, if we can build a strong enough internet blocking system which I will help build, everyone including me would stop would stop the urge to go on those types of websites. It’s a main source of disrespectful to woman and us plus our nature and humanity and religion. This country so far it only have gotten worse and if we don’t stand up for ourselves we will surfer under the government money system but if we put this new young writer’s philosophy into action right away which our nation would be called or be under the new them of Communasociallizism. The economy down, If you all as a civilization believe it will go back up, that is that a lie that government is tell our community and it’s affecting us all, except the and the government. The United nation is better living in this writer’s new system of his philosophy. Don’t you think the United States would be better off with an ID system and you working and you can get anything in the world you ever wanted just by pulling out a ID and knowledge and you would have money by working and all that need as long as you complete your free education? Money to me is bad , but in this time I have to it use because that’s what it is in this world, if this young writer’s philosophy that wrote and calling it cummunasociallizism come true. That will show how the government does not care about society and much it proves that having money isn’t everything. If you agree with me help me and support me through this until the end if not that is fine but one thing is for sure, if his philosophy is put in place instead of money I will be a much happier person because it will affect many others and a lot people will be happy around the United States of America. We, as a union need to come up with lower tax rates and tax the rich until they are even us as a nation with our salary wages and then we need to improve the health care benefits system for the people who can’t afford it for the civilization of the United States of America. People of the United States of America who are homeless and without education in their lives, will not be able to survive in this young writer’s philosophy but this young writer’s philosophy states that even though we fail before there will be no more room for failler, as to my philosophy, everyone in the United Nation will and receive all that she or he needs through a second chance to as many chances as you as the society of the United of America as long as the culture peruse education and I promise you will have the satisfaction of living a awesome but not forgettable future for the rest of your entire life. The government thinks that money can bring happiness and everything together, but no it won’t. So far, it has only caused damaged to society and it will keep doing so unless we change our ways and adapt to this new young writer’s philosophy and put into our United Nation adapt this young writer’s society. A system that does not involve money, My reason for saying this is so the United States of America will be as equal as we should be., then we would solve existing problems and help those who are at risk of losing their homes. The writer who came up with this good philosophy his is named George Lucas Buchanan. He decided that if money is causing us all these problems why not get rid of it and start the ID system which would solve all financial problems for humanity and society? Feel free to check out my blog which is and this article will be up there sometime soon this month!



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