To all the people in the Commonwealth:

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RE: The Commonwealth leaders meeting in Uganda, November 2007. We the undersigned, apologize profusely for the utter stupidity and arrogance of the Minority Conservative Government of Canada. We apologize for Stephen Harper\'s uneducated, stubborn, small minded and heavily subsidized denial of the climate crisis. 36% of the Canadian population voted for the Harper Conservatives, but the rest of us are well aware that Mr. Harper\'s actions are very destructive to humanity, and only help out the world\'s large corporate polluters such as big oil, etc. We the undersigned promise to do everything in our power to elect a better, more responsible government in the future. For all our sakes. In the meanwhile, please know that we are as horrified and disgusted as many of our fellow citizens in the Commonwealth, and we hope that you don\'t completely lose faith in us.


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