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better child support collection laws and common law spousal rights

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hello everyone im petitioning the canadian government for better laws for commom law spouses who have resided with their spouse for more than five yrs.My common law spouse of 18yrs has robbed my daughter and I...we bought a house and I was not employed at the time..regardless of the fact that half the downpayment...costs of running the home daily and upkeep was contributed by me... we didnt add me to the deed...thinking it would be easier to secure the home with Jeff having no dependents at the time.. I have paid for my mistake.. he took all the equity from our house and spent it on booze..strippers..his girlfriends etc...anything but his family..and now left me to fight the court for what was left and so far he gets away with stealing our equity..and I do repeat only so far...he took at least 30 thousand dollars worth and spent it on substance abuse seems they cannot give me the money back in the form of child support. I am left with a disabled child to care for on my own as he has deserted her along with the rest here. I want the government to make it law that every employer in canada must submit a employee list for all employess or newly hired ones.This way maybe they can collect the monies owed with much ease. THESE PARENTS MUST BE STOPPED.How many of you like myself has had FRO tell you to hire a private investigator..or we cant track them if they are paid cash or they move from job to job...and the issues of transferring assests to say mommy for example to evade payment ..this also has to stop the asset needs to be siezed and auctioned off and monies sent to FRO..this should be law..these parents get away with this...meanwhile we are looking for our support payments to just make it in life..let alone anything extra.. let alone hire an investigator it should not be the job of the applicant...after all they are the government arent for privacy rights there should be no rights if you are a parent doing this kind of stuff...where are the rights of my daughter for the rest of her life...the right to have .If a parent is hiding assets and its proven that asset should be siezed... auctioned off and monies go to child support no more of this hiding and getting paid cash by an employer who supports this kind of behaviour I want to see this happen.. if you are caught getting cash and another source of income like my ex and his boss..U NEED TO PAY....THIS IS WRONG AND MUST BE STOPPED TOO...I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL SOMEONE LISTENS U CAN HELP PLEASE.. SIGN THIS PETITION..U CAN HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE TOO...never keep your name off of a never really know someone I knew this man for ovcer thirty family took him in as family..I loved this man to death he was my life for many yrs..not to mention my daughters father...after exhausting communications and civil attempts and disclosure and his refusal afer seperation too...and I even extended a hand to his bosses family at first too...that hand was bit and I was made a fool by them and dont feel bad seperate your feelings and never trust what u hear only what u see...ontario works had to help to the extent of three thousand dollars and a emergency court order to save my interets in my own home..and I did it all on my own...and will continue to work to change how this works so that the parent or spouse is not the one to benefit anymore...and have the family responsibility office ask us for these parents and spouses locations...because the person has not files taxes...cant track a cell advice to anyone in my position is to talk to whoever whenever u attention to detail...and let your voice be heard right here with me...what should be illegal is not yet but Im working on that here..and to see employers who participate in paying cash be fined or forced out of business after a hefty fine is applied once...after 18yrs I feel I have the rights of any wife anywhere...and this is for my daughter..who was not forced upon him..she wasnt a surprise and he spent almost fourteen yrs of her life living with her till now...she did not ask to come here...WE brought her here not ME!!!!..18yrs will speak for something I will see to that...and will not stop until I have nothing left in me to give or do...please share your thoughts and if you are like me please leave a comment thanks


A very upset lady who was swindled out of their equity from their home due to not being on a deed for a house i paid half for..and better rights for kids with parents who elude support change laws to help collect child support
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