Commencement Walk for Cody Brady

Becky Hemphill
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I am requesting your help in getting my son to walk across the stage for his graduation commencement ceremony tomorrow, Sat. June 15, 2013. If you feel it is his right to walk with the rest of the 2013 graduating class under the below circumstance please sign below. Cody was only speaking loudly what every other graduate is thinking but afraid to say out loud as he did. My son, Cody Brady, had been entered into a program with his high school, This meant that he could take still take his 11th grade courses in class and his 12th grade courses online so that he could graduate the year he was initially supposed to. (2013). I will not deny that my son waits until the last minute to get things done. Here in the past week he has pushed hard to get all his required work in on time. Our issue is that when he went to take his online exams, the schools servers were down plus the exams for his online classes were locked. He went to relay this information to the instructor and without her waiting to hear my son out, saying he needed to be completing his work, he then got aggravated. The teacher told me that she didn’t have time for Cody, she was busy with the graduates and the ceremonies. Of course he should had kept his mouth shut, but instead he said “F*** this school” in front of the whole graduation class. He was sent home yesterday because of this. Even though the servers were up and running by the time I got there to get him, he still couldn’t stay to do his work. He still had to come home. I was able to get a couple of his exams unlocked just for the others to stay locked majority of the day and today. I was informed that if I log in under him to see his work progress and grades that the exams are automatically locked. My question, why just the exams and not the other courses of work? Well, we got all that straight before we left the school today. He was able to take his Career Explorations exam. We have to keep checking back, without a deadline time frame, to see when his biology one gets unlocked before obtaining his diploma. Understandable. Now that was around 2:15pm that all that was settled and told he could walk across the stage just to get a call around 6:30 to tell me that he couldn’t because he "INSULTED THE GRADUATES". (If this is true, shouldn't the graduating class of 2013 determine if he should walk with them or not)? He did not speak specifically to any one person. He just yelled out “F*** this school” in aggravation. Mind you, his punishment was being sent home yesterday and I feel that NCPS is waiting to see him fail. He was pushed into this program and doing his best. Now that he’s almost able to graduate his future is being taken right away from him. We were not able to get his senior portraits, senior yearbook or yearbook picture, class ring and things of that sort associated with being a senior because he was not given this opportunity until Nov. 2012. I want all the hoopla associated with him graduating I can get. My son has plans to go into the Marines after graduation. If he is unable to walk across that stage tomorrow, I feel he’s going to say forget it and not want to finish that one biology exam to get his diploma and then there goes his future down the drain. I had contacted every assistant principal, including the one who put him in the program and the school board. Everyone takes my info, complaints, and number, but no call backs, even when leaving a voicemail to them directly. If you as a NHS 2013 graduate feel he should walk with you tomorrow Sat. June 15, 2013 please sign. Thanks.




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