Columbus, TX, Teen's 4x100-Meter Relay Squad Disqualified from State Championships

Heather LaVigne
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Derrick Hayes, anchor of his Columbus, Texas, school's 4x100-meter relay squad reacted to the squad's winning of the race with a heavenward gesture. Due to a University Interscholastic League (UIL) regulation barring excessive celebration, the entire squad was disqualified and effectively barred from the state championships. I have started this petition to let the UIL know that this aggressive reaction to a simple gesture is intolerable. Pointing to the heavens after winning a race can hardly be interpreted as being "excessive" celebration no matter how you look at it. Separation of church and state prohibits our government from religious display, NOT individuals. Our constitution guarantees us religious freedom and we need to let the UIL know that we will not allow them to take that constitutional right away from us.



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