Keep the Brownstones in the general housing selection

Anon Ymous
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Three Brownstones are up for reallocation starting next fall, and a committee of mostly Greeks (four Greek-affiliated students and two non-affiliated students) get to choose which 3 groups from a set of applicants will receive the houses. Their Greek bias was evident from their final 6 choices, consisting of 4 Greek organizations and 2 non-Greek organizations. The most alarming fact from this list is that two of the six just lost their house only 2 years ago due to drug dealing. These frats caused major embarrassment for the University that still continues today, yet they are already in the running to be rewarded with their house back. The committee for determining which organizations should receive the three brownstones is unfair, and the brownstones are prime housing on campus. The houses should be reserved for general selection instead of for frats who abuse their privilege.