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​Color isn’t everything

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By Naisha Gupta 4SA

Did you know that people around the world who are different in appearance don’t have the same opportunities as us? More than 20 million African American and Hispanic children go to very poor schools. These children are often bullied and are punished by teachers for the littlest of mistakes. This is called segregation and power abuse. I am very concerned about what is being done to stop this unfairness.

In my opinion racism is causing way more than anyone would really think. Every year more and more black men are going missing. People are being less tolerant towards individuals who are different in terms of color, religious beliefs and political preferences. Further more stereotyping is also a major issue; this means when someone makes assumptions that a certain religion or people from a certain country always act in a certain way. I feel that white people are stereo typing all black, Hispanic families and this is preventing them to move forward.

Another reason for racism is xenophobia. Xenophobia is to dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries. This horrible practice occurs a lot in different communities all around the world. I believe that this should stop as people’s nationality doesn’t relate to how they act. In fact, being part of an international community helps us be more knowledgeable and be more open minded.

An equally important point to consider is that racism causes so many people around the world to face sadness, depression and can develop shyness or people to be scared. This can affect their health and self -esteem. In addition the affected people can get into the habit of harming themselves.

To sum up, I hope I have convinced you why I decided to take action by writing this petition which I hope will create awareness and raise a voice. My goal is to collect 50 signatures for this petition, please share with your family and friends.

Racism is happening everywhere and it’s worsening every day, and we can take action.

Let’s stop race inequality!

Together we can make a change

Naisha Gupta 4SA.

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