Cocolouis for Senate

Blake Cothran
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My name is cocolouis, and I am running for Senate, to start off I want to say that my goals in senate are to give the people of america a voice, to let you be heard.

I support capitalism and I support America's movement to add private businesses to our nation.

I want to stop abuse in law enforcement and try to expand USA so it can grow and prosper including revolutionizing the innovation of the nation by bringing in newer technologies.

The main question is why should you vote for me, I'm not gonna give you some long boring speech that nobody will read, but I am;
experienced- I am a Deputy director, WHS member, and experienced in multiple other fields and departments throughout USA.

I support more jobs and private businesses joining into USA

I think we should put an end to abuse at the cities and show that the Law enforcement should have to follow the same laws we do when just driving around

and I think the people should have a voice and not send a message to someone and be totally ignored, YOU SHOULD BE HEARD!

I am the voice of the american people so a vote for coco is a vote for a voice and a better tomorrow!



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