Coal mine safety in new zealand

William Calder
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Following yet another disasterous explosion within an underground coal mine in Westland NewZealand,further protection must be made available to the brave men working at the coal face and elsewhere below and in the mine environment underground. Although state of the art monitoring equipment,sensors,fibre-optic communication with the said high tech equipment,disasters continue; PIKE RIVER COAL MINE is the most recent tragedy which happenned causing the deaths of 29 brave men working at the coal face.The families of these men and the whole mining community is bereaved as indeed is the whole nation. Specially bred Canaries are availiable from Europe and specially designed cages for taking the canaries underground.These birds are highly sensitive to carbon monoxide gas and methane gas which are the main ingredients in asphixiation and explosions in a confined environment. Canaries are not subject to "Murphy's Law" (ANYTHING THAT CAN GO WRONG WILL GO WRONG) These ultra modern sensors ARE subject to the afore said "Murphy's Law" Think carefully before you put your signature on this petition. The RSPCA will indeed oppose this petition as will The Department of Conservation and The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. SIGN NOW AND HELP SAVE LIVES.