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Coalition to enter vote of no confidence against David Cameron, Ian Duncan Smith, George Osbourne and Lord Freud

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This a petition to show members of the coalition and other parties outside the coalition that they have a huge and growing support for the calling of a vote of no confidence against the above mentioned and there sick,sad and disgusting ethnic cleansing they call austerity. The reason for this petition was because of the shocking news of poor Mrs Bottrill committing suicide because she felt she had nowhere to turn thanks to the disgusting way this coalition has changed laws so even if they are in the wrong nobody even most that work could afford to appeal and take them to court for there actions and the 10,000+ disabled that the government itself reports have died since Atos and Austerity has come to our country and brought the majority to it's knees. Not since the late 1930's in Germany or the late 1990's in Kosovo has anyone seen such ethnic cleansing in Europe and sat back and allowed it to continue for so long. Great Britain at these times (when it was still Great Britain) stepped in and helped in WWII to suppress the Nazi's and end the rain of terror Hitler caused across Europe and in the late 90's along with the U.N. we helped to stop the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and brought Slobodan Milosevic to court for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. So for 70+ years we have fought against fascist countries,ideals and ethnic cleansing around the world with the help of the U.N. and now we are facing these very ideals and ideas in our own country to put more money in the pockets of the richest 1% of the country. I along with many can see (hence 3 new water cannons brought into London from Germany recently) that this government and its fascist ideals is only growing contempt in all walks of society and it is time to make a stand whether illegal or not to protest. Many people see the government as a whole as greedy out of touch morons that steal tax payers money to clean there moats and pay for million pound second homes whilst the poorest and most vulnerable are being told there extra bedroom will be taxed. If many one bedroom properties stood empty whilst people lived in two,three and four bed properties under occupied then many more people would understand but as it is actually the previous Conservative government that took the money from the council houses sold and wasted it instead of building said one bedroom properties, we are told you will pay this tax or you will be moved up to 700 miles from family, friends, children's school, work, dr's etc to make way for the poorest in London as they are forcibly ejected from London to my house without any other option and then wonder why people are depressed and referring to this Coalition as fascists and Nazi's. Will the Police and possibly army be brought in to fight and or kill members of Great Britain in the name of the Coalition, i hope not because that will make this party even more like Milosevic's. Now is the time for the members of parliament to make there stand against this government to make sure that riots such as the poll tax riots in 1990 don't happen or worse. The revolution of Great Britain has already started and members of parliament are the ones that will be held accountable and any members that feel saying nothing is better than making waves just remember that in the eyes of the law, court of human rights and crimes against humanity anyone involved in the parties involved that keep there mouth shut will be held as guilty as those that are performing the illegal actions. Everyone knows there are a growing number of members against the cuts and the way the poorest and most vulnerable people of there constituency's are being treated. NOW is the time to put a stop to this madness and enter a vote of no confidence against the above mentioned and do what you set out to when you first got into politics and help the majority and if that's not what you joined politics for then what are you paid astronomical amounts of money for being an member of parliament for you better jump before your pushed into prison for your part in the parties crimes.

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