Closure of West Norwood Delivery Office SE27

Noel Barber
Noel Barber Eton Road, Orpington 912 Comments
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My name is Noel Barber the local Union Rep at Royal Mail Sorting Office West Norwood 4 Windsor Grove London SE27 9LS.

I would like to inform the local residents that Royal Mail Propose to Move the local sorting office to Anerley which is 3 miles away.

It is in the early stages of development so I am trying to get up a campaign with the help of the local residents of West Norwood who I am sure don’t want to have to go 3 miles to pick up their packages & parcels.

We pride ourselves in CWU West Norwood with trying to provide our customers with a great service, as you will know this will only make the service worse.



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