Fix Facebook Picture Uploading to Groups

Charmaine Deyette
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We use Facebook for many reasons : To sell and buy our childrens outgrown clothing and toys, to share photos of our family and friends, to show off our photography skills, to promote events, and more.

With the original group format, we were able to upload photos from our Facebook albums, allowing us to share certain photos with a larger group of people. With the new group format AND the elimination of the ADD PHOTOS button, we are no longer able to do this.

If the point of Facebook is to promote community, why eliminate the ability to connect through photos?

We, the Facebook users, would like the following:

1 - Allow us to have the option to create the OLD style group or the NEW style group
2 - Allow users to upload photos from their personal albums into either style of group
3 - The creation of photo albums within groups

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