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Alert For Grassroots Conservatives!

This week Lansing politicians passed a bill for another Open Primary in Michigan. Unfortunately, they are dishonest and call the bill a Closed Primary. The fact remains that it isn’t possible to close a primary in Michigan without party registration, and this bill does not include party registration.

If you are opposed to Democrats trying to steal our primary elections like happened in Mississippi and across Michigan for the past few cycles, please consider the following action items:

1)Tell your legislators to stop perpetuating the lie regarding their Open Primary bill. Let them know that you don’t want Democrats voting in our primaries, and that you don’t appreciate the dishonesty they are showing by lying and referring to this as a Closed Primary.

2)Vote for State Committee Members this weekend who won’t perpetuate the lie put forward by the legislature and instead will support a closed process. Since the legislature passed the Open Primary bill this week the only options State Committee has areCaucuses like Iowa, a Party run Primary like in South Carolina, or a State Convention like in 1988.

3) It isnot accurate to say that a party run primary would cost the party moneybecause the party can charge the campaigns to participate. In Iowa they charge for the list, and in South Carolina they charge for ballot access. Therefore, it doesn’t need to cost the party anything.

Please help stop the lie, and stop the Open Primary, andinstead support a closed process that doesn’t allow Democrats to vote.

Please also ONLY vote for candidates for Michigan Republican State Committee who will support closing the process from Democrats voting– regardless of the legislature choosing to waste $10 million on an open primary that doesn’t have any role in allocating delegates to the National Convention.

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