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Sen. Clinton, please withdraw now from the race

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Dear Senator Hilary Clinton, This petition respectfully and humbly requests that you make what may be the hardest decision of your public life and withdraw from the 2008 presidential contest. Your service to this country, passion about the issues and qualifications to be President are recognized by any fair-minded observer. In addition to your many accomplishments and service in the US Senate, you have come closer to the US presidency than any woman in history while bringing many important issues and positions to the national discourse. We now call on you to act as a statesman and perform a noble service to the nation by suspending your campaign. As is often the case in history, and had been the case in your life before, you are being asked to serve in a way that is so cruelly different from the way you imagined. Your chances of winning the Democratic nomination at this point are perhaps 20% or less. Furthermore, according to several current polls, if nominated, your chances to win the Presidency against Sen. McCain in November are worse than those of Sen. Obama. It is not important to agree on the reasons for why the situation is this way: whether it is some tactical misstep, or running against a particular opponent, or historical accident, or DNC rules, or simply unfair, blind luck -- your chances to win the nomination and the presidency are low. While analysts may differ on the precise probability for your success, there is can be no doubt what success would require: a prolonged, grueling fight going all the way to the Convention. This long fight would splinter the party, drain financial resources and destroy irreplaceable voter good will and enthusiasm, while providing Senator McCain with a six month head start and numerous additional openings for personal attacks against the ultimate nominee. In short, this strategic dead-end is such that to pursue a shrinking chance to win the nomination, you would have to fight against everything you believe in and greatly increase the chances of Republican victory this fall. On the other hand, if you withdraw now, you will have a 100% chance of receiving widespread respect, admiration and increasing your stature. At any other time or in the general election, the right answer would be to fight on until the end, heedless of polls and predictions. It must be immeasurably hard to have worked so hard, come so far and yet not reach the ultimate goal. America will understand and remember your sacrifice -- and whether that propels you to a storied career of Senate leadership to rival that of Senators Kennedy or Moynihan, or provide a solid foundation for a run in 2012 (if, as you believe deeply, Sen. Obama will be unsuccessful this fall) -- in withdrawing, your contribution to your nation\'s welfare will be tremendous. This is that rare case where to fight on, to fight on tenaciously for weeks and months, is the easier choice than courageously stopping the fight. Withdrawing now, when the delegate count is so close and your campaign appears ready for the long fight would be unexpected and serve as resounding proof that your critics\' unkind lies are untrue: that instead, you have always been in politics for the good of the country. It will leave time for the wounds of the primaries to heal and to give everyone to work together in the general election. The undersigned include your supporters, independents, past Republicans and Sen. Obama\'s supporters, but is not originated or approved by any candidate\'s campaign. We understand it is a lot to ask, (and do not know that if one of us was in your position we could find the inner strength to make the tough decision to withdraw) -- but we hope you have the strength and respectfully ask that you do this, that you make this sacrifice. Not for Sen. Obama or for the Democratic Party apparatus, but for the country and, thus, for your own honorable place in its history.


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