Fox Sports NFL, please lose the dancing robot, "Cletus".

Spencer Reed
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This petition is our humble request that you, Fox Sports broadcasting please remove the dancing football robot, "Cletus" from your NFL broadcasts. We, the undersigned understand that somewhere in the upper echelon of management there is a person with a soft spot for this terrible animation. The robot was cute, perhaps even cool, or funny, at first, but now is only an annoyance.


We love our football, we love your pre-game and post-game shows. We love the NFL on Fox, but we all, unilaterally, hate this horrid, stale, annoying robot. This robot, which taunts some unseen adversary (one can only deduce that the robot is taunting the viewing audience with it's domination of our screen), is a terrible use of our glorious HD televisions. We beg, we plead, PLEASE, PLEASE get rid of the robot. Cletus must go.