AG: Prosecute Election Fraud in Hoboken, NJ

Nancy Pincus
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ELEC filings for the November 4th Ward race in Hoboken show 550 $40 campaign “workers” for candidate Tim Occhipinti.  Mr. Occhipinti’s margin of victory was 406 votes.  Hoboken is a small, 1 mile square city, less than 1/6 of which is taken up by the 4th Ward.  550 campaign workers would be hard to miss.

The signers of this petition believe this election to be at best severely tainted and at worst an outcome completely dependent on vote fraud.

The Hoboken City Council has already passed a resolution by a 9–0 margin supporting your investigation into possible criminal actions in the election.

We the signers of this petition further urge the following:

• The vigorous prosecution of anyone found to have engaged in systematic vote fraud. 2 of our last 3 mayors have been sent to prison. Those who habitually undermine our democracy must be put on notice that era of buying elections is over.

• Close observation of the May 2011 elections. We fully expect a repeat of the same criminal behavior as campaigns gear up to fill 6 of 9 City Council seats.





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