418 Colony Knoll Drive

Anna Kline
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Dear Homeowners, It is the duty of the Colony Green Board of Directors to enforce our CC&R's without discrimination and therefore we request enforcement of the Association's Use Restrictions to stop the interference of the neighborhood quiet enjoyment of the owners. The current and past tenants of 418 Colony Knoll have caused serious annoyance and nuisance to the neighborhood. Therefore, we request the Board of Directors perform their fiduciary responsibility and seek legal assistance, if necessary, to remedy the ongoing situation with the landlord at once as this has been a persistent issue. Please list your address and sign. All information will be kept confidential. Respectfully submitted:


http://www.ipetitions.com/ http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/CKD/


http://www.sjpd.org/BTS/Communications.html#Call911 http://www.sjpd.org/BFO/Community/Crimeprev/neighborhoodwatch.html http://www.sjpd.org/BFO/Community/Crimeprev/PSA/CurfewOrdinance.html http://www.sjpd.org/BFO/SpecialOps/TEU/




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