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City Carriers Assistants USPS

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City Carriers are being over worked, extremely to much creating them to become Liability workers to soon. City Carriers Assistants should carry routes that are down with only 1 hour of extra mail to carry no more than that. So that they do not have to have any hand or bodily conditions. City Carriers should also sign for how many days they would like to receive overtime no carrier should be given overtime every single day. Futhermore, City Carriers should not be given overtime within the first 48 hours of learning a new route. They need the proper 48 hours to learn the route an correct their mistakes before being given any additional overtime mail to carry. Larger Postal offices with more Zip codes should be completely staff so that City Carrier Assistants are not being over worked or overwhelmed, and possibly injured, and to avoid calling out from work. Any carrier that provides work restrictions matters should be taking serious an not questioned. Even after restrictions are up do not exceed over an hour of extra mail to carry for carriers so that they can properly recover. City Carriers also should be given the right to request transfers after probations periods are passed. Lastly, Postal offices with large to medium mail an parcel volume should begin work time at 6:30am. NO MAIL CARRIER ASSISTANT should be out delivering mail past 5pm. Many residents are arriving from work early and having their dogs running loose in their yards. Families also are being startled by the fact carriers are delivering mail pass 5pm and coming outside their homes to watch you as if you’re trespassing. It is unsafe to deliver mail when the day is nearly over. As stated previously many families are at home before 5pm wanting to relax an enjoy family time, and the disturbance of their quality time to watch us carriers is not rewarding for us Carrier Assistants but very discrediting to us. Carrier Assistants when struggling on the streets NO MATTER their senority level needs to be helped as well Jon the streets!!!!! Yes Carrier Assistants are considered the help but when we are constantly being reintroduced to new routes and if it’s difficult help needs to be on the way. Not just an empty suggestion on doing the best we can

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