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A Bill for the betterment of wisdom and virtue through economic reform

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I support the Bill for the betterment of wisdom and virtue and its eighteen proposals: 1. Abolish the paying and taking of Interest. 2. Abolish the selling of Insurance. 3. Abolish the State Lottery. 4. Abolish the levying of Property Taxes. (Town budgets will be set solely by revenue from the state, and the people of the town can contribute to the betterment of the town privately. Sales and income taxes will remain.) 5. Abolish all fees, tolls, permit costs and mini-taxes at the state and local level. 6. Abolish the Bottle Bill. 7. Abolish primary elections and declarations of political party and set-up general elections with preferential voting mechanisms. 8. Abolish collective bargaining and in its place establish a universal wage based on age, circumstances and job classification. 9. Abolish pricing fluctuations, sales, club discounts, coupons, etc. Manufacturers and wholesalers are required to sell the same good at the same price to all clients, regardless of volume. Retail stores must sell the same good at the same price to all customers. Prices in retail stores can only fluctuate once every 180 days for non-perishable goods. Government will not directly control the price or the discount rates, but pricing used by businesses must be uniformly applied and stable. 10. All towns are to assume by eminent domain all commercial space within their towns, except farmland and businesses that are used as housing owner-occupied. Commercial entities will operate rent-free with the town holding title to the land and building, but not to the contents. The town will continue to manage through permits what industries and services the town sites and help and encourage citizens to take on the necessary roles in the production of material wealth. The town will not evict or harm any existing business, rather it will be a partner in ensuring the success of every business instead of being a punisher of commerce. Violations of standards will be dealt with by remediation, not punishment. Henceforth, all new businesses will conform to universal wage standards. 11. All large-scale rented housing must be owned and managed by non-profit corporations subject to universal wage standards. For-profit ownership of housing is abolished. No consideration is made for investors. 12. Establish a non-profit housing mortgage bank that lends funds at 0% with no fees of any kind. Overhead of the bank is supported through general funds of the State. Mortgages should not exceed ten years. Local independent banks may participate in this program. 13. The endowments of nonprofit organizations are abolished and the funds are transferred to the non-profit housing bank. 14. Housing prices are to be set by the town assessor and confirmed by a majority vote of the townspeople. The price of any home is to be kept constant for a minimum period of fifteen years. All homes vacated are sold to the town, and the town will resell the home to new owners. Multi-family homes that are not owner-occupied will be sold to the town. The town may rent housing at a uniform rate, subject to the same fifteen year adjustment period. Private real estate brokering is abolished. 15. For profit hospitals are abolished and return to non-profit status. No consideration is made for investors. 16. Public services will be provided on a quota basis. Water, electricity, telephone, cable and internet are public utilities freely provided, like the roads, library and schools. These things should be maintained for the common good not for private profit. Fees only apply to usage beyond the quota. These companies shall be converted to non-profits, subject to universal wage standards, and no consideration will be made for investors. 17. All farm-land is to be preserved. All mortgages on farmland, ranches or orchards that are involved in the commercial production of food are to be relieved of any mortgage and to remain forever free of a mortgage. Redirecting land for farmland use is to be encouraged by local authorities. 18. The expansion of cemeteries and memorials will cease. No new land is to be allocated for use by the dead.

Sponsor invites you and encourages you to become a modern-day abolitionist. Sometimes the first step in the right direction is to stop walking in the wrong direction. A debt-free and inflation-free economy is possible. Read the entire Bill under The Solution link at the website. To understand the problem with inflation, see the Problem link.

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