Citizens Against the Reclamation of Manila Bay

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The Manila Bay waterfront, between the Cultural Center and the US Embassy, was saved from reclamation in 1993 by citizens who fought to preserve the remaining access to the Bay along Manila's historical district for all to enjoy.

Manila City Ordinance 7777 prohibiting reclamation along this area, was reversed by Ordinance 8233 on June 2011.  A consortium agreement to reclaim 288 Hectares of land covering the remaining waterfront along Roxas Boulevard was signed in April 2012.

Reclamation will cause floods, destroy our tourism area along Roxas Boulevard, remove 20 vital anchorage berths for ships and most of all remove from public use, a waterfront we all love.

We Filipinos are the ultimate protectors of our natural heritage.

We must act now to protest the approval of this reclamation to prevent further destruction.





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