Citizens against Sutter Street Bicycle Path

Vicki Cesena
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We are residents and concerned citizens who oppose the Sutter Street Bicycle path for the following reasons:

  • Increase in crime: Theft, noise violations, trespassing, vandalism, gang activity, tagging, unlicensed dogs, and motorized vehicles along river bank.
  • Safety-both cyclists and motorists sharing a main corridor through residential area with no marked bike lanes for safety:  Due to limited parking along Sutter Street, large delivery vans and park-goers often double park while unloading vehicles, narrowing the space available for cyclists; heavy usage of parking along route forces cyclists to ride closer to center of street; and many side streets feed into Sutter increasing the possibility of a bicycle/motor vehicle collision. 
  • Increase in traffic:  Heavy weekend traffic presently exists due to two churches, three senior complexes, one school, and Oak Park activities (softball, tennis, picnics/parties, ice skating, and swimming) making it unsafe for increased bike traffic.  
  • No additional policing:  City services are already strapped and homeowners and residents (many who are elderly) have no guarantee of additional policing being available to an increase in crime.

For the above reasons, we are requesting that the Stockton City Council respect the wishes of the residents, homeowners, and concerned citizens and oppose the Sutter Street Bicycle Path.



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