Citizens against Probable Cause

3 Signatures Goal: 1,000,000

I (as well as many other citizens) feel the need to express our opinions against Probable Cause. We feel that we deserve the right to a SIGN Search Warrant in order to search or seize any property. We feel that "Probable Cause" is a scapegoat to harass us under false pretenses or discrimination due to looks, clothing, or effects pertaining to the individuals. We also feel that police officers are abusing their power of Probable Cause.

We feel that probable cause should be eliminated and freedom and security be restored to the citizens. It's bad enough we have to worry about murderers, rapists, etc., but to also have to watch our backs from the ones whom are supposed to protect us.

Need I remind you all of our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS that are being torn away from us every day.



May 17
We are now live!




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    Rayquelle Grayson United States
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    Alec Zamora
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    Robert Vinion
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