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CIS Exams

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All students of CIS are not ready to do exams. The students' mental heath is not in a place where they can do exams in school. First of all the school only notified the students one week before, where most of the seniors have SAT exams on the coming Saturday. After the first summative exams, senior students were only focused on studying for their SAT and Ielts exams, due to the lack of information about upcoming school exams. For 1 year now, none of the students have done an actual exam in school and no one is close to ready. No student is able to focus completely and study the same way when we had regular school. The school should genuinely take into consideration the students mental state right now. A bomb took place a couple of months ago and is still affecting some people mentally. A lockdown just finished and everyone has been stuck in their houses all day and all night, to do nothing which does not typically motivate students to study. The school should try to understand that the environment that the students are studying in right now is not easy. Since the school only wants what is best for their students, shouldn't they think about the stress and pressure that students are undergoing? Shouldn't they try to put themselves in their students places and see how it feels to study at home all day? We have not gone to school since the beginning of the year, and the school now wants us to go without a choice. We do not even go to school for regular studying, yet the school wants to bring us in for exams? In addition to the students' mental health, their physical health is important as-well. Covid-19 is spreading faster than anyone could imagine especially in Lebanon. Is the school willing on taking the risk and responsibility if any of the students get infected with the virus while doing exams? Cases are rising up to 2,000 per day, but yet the school's priority is to bring students to school? Does the school feel safe bringing everyone when 2 high-school students have been tested positive recently and one teacher tested positive previously? These are the only cases we know of, it is possible for anyone to catch it anywhere. Most students are living their life normally as if nothing is wrong, not taking precautions, and not being careful. Why do the rest of the students have to go through with seeing these students? Students are taking the risk to give the virus to their family members who might be at high risk for the fatal symptoms. Infact, if someone does get the virus, that means it needs a couple of days to show so we might not know and someone might have it during the exams. The students are not in a right place at all now to be doing exams, the school should take into consideration switching them out with big projects or other things that might be easier on the students.

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