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Stop US & German Persecution, Dehumanization & Censorship of US Scientist, Pro-Democracy & Human Rights Activist, Whistleblower, Christopher M. Tucker

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Dear Pres. Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, & Chancellor Angela Merkel, 

I urge you to halt the on-going persecution, dehumanization, censorship, human rights violations of US citizen, scientist, lifelong Democrat, whistleblower, and potential Congressional candidate, Christopher M. Tucker, who applied for political asylum in Germany in March 2010, after being threatened by US Intelligence agents with a life of persecution, torture, homelessness, or death, if he did not destroy his evidence, which proves that- since 2006- Mr. Tucker has suffered one of the most brutal cases of political persecution & torture in any Western democracy, since the defeat of Adolph Hitler, whose Nazi-Regime victimized Mr. Tucker's intellectual father & PhD. advisor, the famous international relations scholar, Prof. Ernst B. Haas, until he & his Jewish family escaped to freedom in the USA in 1938. 

While he was academic colleagues with key architects of Pres. Bush's "war on terror" & "torture regime" at UC-Berkeley, Mr. Tucker was an outspoken critic of the Bush administration, and in his (March 2004) scientific article, „Ideological Protectionism: The Bush Administration's Misuse of Science and Information in the Policy Process,” he accused the Bush administration of committing Watergate-type crimes (e.g. use of FBI/CIA to destroy & discredit partisan & media "enemies), and warned of the threats to democracy, national security & economy, posed by the Bush administration's unprecedented censorship of science. 

Instead of ignoring Mr. Tucker's controversial allegations, the Bush administration & CIA, confirmed them, by making him the most censored academic/scientist in the West, and destroying & discrediting him with quasi-totalitarian methods currently in China, that exceeded the Nixon administration’s “Watergate-type” crimes, and the illegal tactics historically used by the FBI’s illegal COINTEL PRO aimed at humiliating, discrediting, repressing civil & woman’s rights leaders, & trying to drive heroes like Martin Luther King Jr. to commit suicide.

While superficially "free," both the US & Germany, have forced Mr. Tucker to live as a de facto political prisoner with no meaningful freedoms or human rights, subjecting him to daily human rights abuses, and conditions, which are identical to- or in some ways worse than- those suffered by political prisoners in the most oppressive regimes in the world, and like the key Watergate whistleblowers, the US & Germany have aggressively discredited, humiliated, censored, and economically/socially isolated Mr. Tucker, from lawyers, friends & family, human rights organizations, scientific experts, and denied Mr. Tucker his human right to present evidence of his torture/persecution to an independent, impartial US or German judge, while brutally repressing Mr. Tucker's friends, family & supporters, who have been legally "gagged" from speaking about the truth, and/or threatened with serious punishment, if they communicate with- or support- Mr. Tucker in any meaningful way.

It is an objective fact that the US has violated Article 13 of the Convention on Torture, by refusing to deny- or investigate- Mr. Tucker's numerous allegations of torture in letters to Pres. Obama & the US Dept. Of Justice, as well as members of Congress. 

It is an objective fact that Mr. Tucker has been illegally prevented from presenting evidence of his torture/persecution to an independent German asylum judge. 

It is an objective fact that numerous Germans- including members of Amnesty International & Protestant, Catholic leaders- & Americans have confirmed- often in writing- that Mr. Tucker's allegations are credible, true, and supported by empirical facts. 

It is an objective fact that Mr. Tucker was the 1st American expert to document the Bush administration's used of unprecedented "war on terror" powers to suspend Americans' right to free speech & press, use the military/CIA inside the USA, and treat US citizens with the legal status of the enemy. 

Mr. Tucker has, on his blog ( subjected his allegations, evidence & scientific scrutiny, which no one has been allowed to investigate or disprove, while US & German intelligence agencies aggressively censor & discredit Mr. Tucker via rumors, falsified records, and other social-engineering operations, which Westerners trust only happen in totalitarian regimes.  

The US & German persecution of Mr. Tucker, and efforts to cover-up his abuse, violates widely held Western democratic values, US, EU, international law, and recent rulings by the US Supreme Court, which ruled that even American terrorists & their family members are entitled to legal representation. Yet the US & Germany continue to violate Mr. Tucker's rights, which protect animals, terrorists, murderers, and child molesters. 

Mr. Tucker is entitled to human & Constitutional rights, which can never- under any conditions- be (legally) taken away. 

The American & European people have the right to know their trust & taxes are being abused to persecute, torture, and censor an innocent hero, who has survived horrific abuses, to defend his rights & freedoms, and expose extreme corruption & abuses of power, normally only seen in totalitarian & authoritarian regimes. 

I demand that the US & Germany allow Mr. Tucker's friends, family, lawyers, human rights organizations, and members of the "free press," speak/meet with Mr. Tucker, and investigate & publish his case.   

In response to Mr. Tucker's repeated offers to cooperate with US officials in order to protect legitimate "national security secrets," corporate interests, which could be harmed if the truth about Mr. Tucker's case was made public, US & German intelligence agencies have merely increased the severity of Mr. Tucker's persecution, discrediting/defamation/slander & censorship.  It would constitute a horrific injustice to force Mr. Tucker to suffer a lifetime of persecution as a sub-human, in order to protect so-called “state secrets” about illegal crimes against US citizens & American democracy.  No one in the West accepts this argument when China, Russia, or Iran uses it, and Westerners expect their governments to uphold higher standards of justice & law. Unlike Wikileaks' activists, the only "secrets" Mr. Tucker ever obtained & could reveal are directly related to his own illegal persecution & torture. 

I demand that US permits Mr. Tuckers friends, family & academic colleagues, American lawyers from the ACLU freely speak with Mr. Tucker, and the US guarantees Mr. Tucker's safety, so that he can return to the USA, confident that his Constitutional rights, property, physical safety, honor & dignity will be protected, so he can rebuild his life as a "free man," finish his PhD. dissertation at the "free speech" University of California-Berkeley, and then compete in a Congressional election as a member of the Democratic Party. ONLY in non-democratic regimes, do military & intelligence officials get to determine who can run for elected office, who can teach at universities, which families can freely associate, and ONLY in the most oppressive regimes, have citizens been denied access to any legal representation, and ALL political, legal means of defending their inalienable human rights! 

If the US refuses to halt its persecution of Mr. Tucker, then I demand that Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the German government defend Mr. Tucker' human rights, and offer him the protection & freedoms, which Mr. Tucker's Jewish PhD advisor found in the USA, after escaping Nazi-Germany. It would constitute a horrific, unforgivable crime, if Germany knowingly violates German/EU law, in order to forcibly return Mr. Tucker to a life of inhumane persecution, torture, possibly extra-legal murder, outside any “rule of law,” and hidden from the media, Congress, judicial oversight, and even his own family members!   

In Mr. Tucker's published writings, he has defended core American & EU democratic institutions, and values that distinguish the West from communist, fascist, Islamic fundamentalist regimes, and transcend partisan, or national differences, and he warned about the threats to these values & institutions, if they are not defended.

In free democratic societies, governments, media, academics, friends & family do not ignore- and refuse to investigate- the screams of torture of innocent (or even guilty) people, yet that exactly what has happened to Mr. Tucker. 

I demand that the US & Germany immediately halt this abuse & investigate Mr. Tucker's case, and prove that they respect the same values & institutions that Mr. Tucker has defended, and virtually all their citizens believe are sacred.    


Sopfie Scholl Verein zur Verteidigung der Menschenrechte von Chris M Tucker Sophie Scholl Organization for the Defense of Chris M Tucker's Human Rights (English)


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