Christopher Nolan to direct the new Star Wars films!

Phil Nageon de lestang
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Star Wars, the franchise made by George Lucas, has been purchased as of recently by Disney! As much as I would like to believe they are going to create an epic new trilogy that will rival the originals, Disney does not have the best track record for great movies. I have been waiting for the next trilogy to come out since I was a little kid and I do not want to see it ruined! The other day I had an idea though, Christopher Nolan (New Batman Trilogy, Momento, Inception) would be the perfect person to have a twist on the classic!! In my opinion this would be the only person that could do this justice! Imagine the darker vibe that he brings to movies, it is truly perfect for the next trilogy! I can only imagine at this point in time and so can you but sign this petition and make it reality!!





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