A worldwide day for fasting and praying

Lucky White Jr
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In view of present events, wars, violence, crime, proverty, illnesses, now would be a very good time for Christian all over the world to come together on one day out of the year to fast! Abe Lincoln tried it during the civil war, seeking the preseveration of the Union and look what happened. Throughtout the Holy Bible fasting and praying is used and it is successful. Jesus Christ even stated that certain evil spirits could only be cast out by fasting and praying. The Nation of Islam has proposed the time of Ramadon as a day for this event. Personally, I don't think Elija Muhammad is that guy. Now he very well could be the antichrist. I know they teach that Christ has blonde hair and blue eyes, but my bible says His hair was like lambs wool and his eyes were like a ball of fire and his feet were like polished brass. The world will be easily misled! Ergo, I'm filing this petition in hopes that Christians all over the world will unite. I know America as a nation has not made that first step as a nation evnethough the Presidents have set forth the proclaimation. Let's wake up before its ever lasting to late!




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