Christian Prayer placed back into the schools

Apostle Harvie Howell
Apostle Harvie Howell Quakertown, 1 Comments
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Were are all the real men and women of God? Are they hiding behind the 4walls of the church. I ask that you sign this petition to have the U.S Congress, and the President of these United States to have christian prayer placed back into the schools. Then we are setting up a rally and march in Washington. D.C., on Jul of 2015. To God be all Glory, Power, and Praise, in Jesus Christ name.

.Once the petition is sign, July of 2015, we are setting up a march and rally from Mall to White House. All Glory belongs to God from mall to



  • Katrina Wiley
    Katrina Wiley United States, Woodbridge
    Apr 25, 2014
    Apr 25, 2014
    Bring Christian prayer back into the school system. This country's founding father's were Christian and when they were speaking of freedom of religion. I think they were talking about having the freedom to practice Christianity the way we wanted to. They did not want all the foreign religions coming over here dominating the people. This is a Christian nation why are we changing our beliefs for pagans?


  • 4 years ago
    Apostle Harvie Howell United States
    4 years ago