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October 23, 2012
U.S. Congressman Marsha Blackburn
Washington Office: 217 Cannon Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

To The Reporters|Journalists:

If you are reading this letter, it is in hopes that you will stand against the odds, do the least popular thing, and help citizens in their fight to justice. I feel confident that someone, somewhere will read this story and began scratching his head and thinking to himself, "Publishing this story could definitely help the victims here". This story was sent to newspaper sources all around the world, congressmen, television news stations, etc. Please know that as a person with years of experience in law, as well as a sound background in politics, I realize that this story, as well as the fact that I literally sent it worldwide, could potentially cause threats, bodily harm, or worse. For that reason, my i.p. address has been remotely rerouted and extremely masked. Lastly, the fact that I have forwarded you this message should not be taken as insult, but as an opportunity for you to bring about justice to the cause.
May God touch the hearts of one of you out there as I pray that someone outside of Memphis, TN, will be daring enough to cover this story!!!! I am sending you this story in hopes that you will pick it up, take a stand, and help lots of women and children in Memphis, TN.
This story was also covered by Jeff Beimfohr on October 19, 2012, of ABC 24 News. *****Jeff Beimfohr is in no way related to this petition; nor is his affiliates*****. -See link below, which also includes a video publication of this story.
Mr. Beimfohr did an amazing job covering the story from a reporter's perspective; however, I have opted to cover the story from a non-political..., more personal perspective. Memphis, TN is considered, by most sites, to be one of the most dangerous, most depressing cities in the world to live in. The city makes the news quite often and is on almost every episode of "The First 48". Not everything in Memphis is terrible and corrupt, but when things reach the point of corruption..., the sky is the limits.  Who can you call? Who can you turn to? Who will listen?
My concern is not about crime but about a corrupt child support system. Please don't stop reading now; this story gets quite interesting.
In most cities, men and/or women who pay nothing for child support..., or who have outstanding warrants are dealt with fairly and accordingly-through enforcement of the law. However, in Memphis, TN, where crime is already at an alarming high rate, fugitives who have warrants for their arrest are given, get this: "OPTIONS to pay". How so? 'Glad you asked.
In Memphis, there is a program overseen by Maximus, a contracted agency who collects and disburses child support payments.  Regardless of the amount owed- $25,000, $50,000, or even $100,000, delinquent parents, even those who have outstanding warrants because of his/her non-payments, are allowed to pay as little as $1.00 per week to remain out of jail..., and as little as $500.00 to clear up his/her warrant. (Intially, when the program first began, men were told to pay a minimum of $25.00 per week, but as time has progressed, men are allowed to pay as little as..., again- $1.00.  Allow me to explain: Now, this program would be excellent for the man or woman who has always taken care of his/her child, and who has now fallen on hard times. But, to allow a healthy, (sometimes working, man/woman), to pay as little as $1.00 per week to stay out of jail is INJUSTICE to our children, and should be against the law!
Excuse my personal statement, as I step away from the facts for a second, but it's almost as if the judicial system is "encouraging" this criminal behavior. Driver's licenses are revoked for delinquent parents but reinstated by as little as a visit into the office and a payment of $200.00.  Needless to say, three months later, lots of these people are once again, facing the possiblity of getting his/her license suspended.  BUT..., as long as payment of the bare minimum is received by Maximus, no action is taken against the violater. 
Even a man/woman who has 10, 12, 15 children, is allowed to pay as little as he/she desires. In my particular case, my ex-husband pays $50 every four-five months for our many growing, school-age children. He owes more than $50,000, and is ordered to pay less than $1,000 per month.
Parents in Memphis are struggling to raise these children without proper enforcement and are not getting justice for the children but encouragement on behalf of the violater. My ex-husband has two jobs, and although I have reported this information to the proper sources at Maximus, nothing has been done. I have sat back and waited for things to change in Memphis, but after reading the recent article entitled, "Relief NOW For Deadbeat Parents", which aired on ABC NEWS on October 19, 2012,  I am convinced that without help from much larger, outside sources, the victims of this injustice don't stand a fighting chance. I plan to email this story and this link to many newspapers and television stations.
Again, I pray that someone outside of Memphis, TN will be daring enough to cover this story!!!!

Maximus is in no way affiliated with Juvenile Court of Memphis, TN, and I am in no way affiliated with either group.  I do, however, favor one group over the other.  In my opinion, the people at Juvenile Court are, simply stated:  "About Their Business".  It should be highly stressed that Juvenile Court of Memphis, TN is in no way, related to this petition.  I, the author of the said petition, have never worked for Juvenile Court; nor do I have family/friends at the court.  I am a concerned citizen, as well as parent of children who are victims of this injustice. 


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