Chevrolet volt 2016 MUST HAVE 6.6kw charger + HEATED STEERING!

Jonathan Laporte
Jonathan Laporte 135 Comments
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Hi GM,

The goal of this petition is to tell you how much we want some new feature in the new 2016 volt. If those feature are not implemented in the next generation, we will reconsider buying the volt again.

We need a heated steering!... in an electric car its a must!

We understand that the 2016 volt won't have a 50kwh in its battery but at least if we have a smaller one PLEASE give us the ability to charge it faster... it is a must for us volt owner to be able to charge that small battery as fast as possible.

We want and NEED this new charger at least as an option and even an optional 7.2khw would be great.



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