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Till today i have been loyal customer of Chase Bank.From today I do not feel doing business with them. I am retired so for me every dollar in my checking and savings counts. Around Oct19th,2012 a party deposited money by bill pay in my account most likely in New York.I live in California. When  Mr Patrick deposited check I asked Chase to make sure funds have been taken out of his account.They said funds have been taken out of  his bank and it is permanently credited to my account. Since I did not knew party as he was introduced by our common friend I want to make doubly sure money is permanently credited.To make sure I waited another 7days before I wire transfer money to his friend for travel ticket. To my surprise after 3 weeks I saw check for almost $2000/was returned for lack of funds. I was shocked as already transferred money for her to buy ticket.

Had chase not mislead me I would not have lost $2000/ which is lot of money for me in retirement being on fixed income.

I request every person to ask Chase to return my $2000/ before I collapse.I cannot even be able to celebrate my Thanksgiving or buy Christmas gifts for my kids etc and definitely cannot go to vacation.I have hardly money for food and medicine.Tell Chase to return my $2000. Happy holidays and God bless you. Arron




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