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changes to vt fish and wildlife deer rules

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We, the undersigned, hereby request that the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife make the rule changes proposed below for the following reasons:
The buck doe ratio is way off and we are leaders in the state for killing yearling deer, we have alot of doe being bred late that will result in more fawn mortality ,we need change that is going to make the herd strong and give us more bucks, we dont have to re invent the wheel here there has been a number of studys done and put into effect that fix the buck doe ratio in other places which make for less fawn deaths and a healthier herd which in effect will make hunters happy, here is a large groups ideas on what will make this a great state to hunt in again.
We request that the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife make the rule changes proposed bellow for the following reasons:
Changing rifle season to a later date will allow more deer to breed and reduce fawn mortality.This will produce more deer and give hunters more opportunities.
Changing muzzle loader season to an earlier date would reduce populations by removing doe before the winter months. why feed a deer for 2 months and then kill it? this will give other deer more food to get them through the winter, as well as not waste a bucks energy on a doe that is going to get shot anyways, and will help get doe bred in the time frame needed so we have less fawn mortality and allow the doe left to build necessary fat reserves to stay healthy through the winter months into breeding season.
A three point rule would help to repair a poor buck to doe ratio, creating more competition among bucks during the rut as well as get more doe bred in the right time frame so we have less fawn mortality. This will also provide a better hunting experience as hunters will see and hear more rut activity, such as rubs, scrapes, grunting and sparring. Rattling and grunting will also be more effective. There will be more bucks in reserve to breed at later dates. Currently, we kill off much of the breeding stock before they can breed a doe. Vermont is a leader in killing young bucks. Far too many are killed each year, rapidly decreasing the population. This rule change could produce a drop in kill numbers in the first season, however, numbers are expected to rebound in the following seasons. Many other states have implemented similar rules with great success.
Proposed changes:
1. We would like Youth weekend to start around the last weekend in September. It shall be two days. During this time one deer per youth may be taken. The deer may be either sex and there are no minimum points.
2. We would like Archery Season to start around October 1 and continue through the end of rifle season. During this season one buck may be taken and one doe may be taken with each antlerless license, this should add 7 days to the end of the season .
3. We would like Muzzle loader season to begin two weeks past the beginning of archery season and shall last a total of nine days. During this time one buck may be taken and one or two doe may be taken with the required antlerless license.
4. We would like Rifle season for buck only to begin on the the week of Thanksgiving and shall last a total of 16 days. During this time one buck may be taken.
1. Each hunter may take one buck per year, with a limit of three deer total.
2. Each buck taken must have a minimum of three legal points on one side.
By our signatures below, we hereby request that the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife make the changes proposed herein.

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