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Concerning Counter Strike: Global Offensive and the scheme of updates.

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This petition is addressed to both companies involved in the development of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, namely Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. I write this as a first-person shooter enthusiast, player and fan; and will try to encompass the views of everyone who has something deemed useful to contribute to this document. 

Many of us as gamers, who have played Global Offensive over the past months believe that we have positive community feedback to offer. We are passionate about making CS:GO the next big first-person shooter eSport for years to come. This isn't just the original 1.6 and Source players talking. Teams have made the switch from the Call of Duty franchise, Battlefield, I know a guy who has even transferred over from 1-on-1 duel shooter Quake. My point is that most first-person shooter players want to see this installment of the Counter Strike series succeed as an eSport, but we do need some changes to take place. 

Many people who will sign this petition will do so out of feelings of being ignored. That is not why I'm writing it. On the contrary, I write this petition to simply let Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment know, from the community to the developers, what we feel should be updated first and foremost. Of course this differs with opinion, so as the writer I do need to collect a wide range of data before adding certain items to the list. 

Below is a list, with the top item being the most important, of what we believe should be changed within the game. I would also like to note that I am not trying to bash the efforts of Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment through this petition, because frankly, I think the game has much potential to be the next competitive eSport and failing that, it is still a great game to play with friends. 

The List:

1) A spectator mode similar to that of Dota 2. 

If we want this game to literally rocket upwards in viewers, a spectator mode that adds another dimension to the game is necessary. There are many upcoming tournaments for CS:GO, we have DreamHack Valencia next weekend for example, and numerous others to follow. One suggestion that has been praised somewhat is perhaps the ability to download the config of the player you're spectating as well, or something along those lines.

2) Unlocking the FPS commands.

Many of us (me included) don't have PCs that are capable of running CS:GO above 100 frames in its current state. From what I've learned reading forums, certain graphical options are forced on in this iteration of the game. I propose that these fps commands be unlocked, as they were in 1.6 and Source, so that users on budget computers can squeeze that extra bit of performance out of their computers.

3) Option to disable the community server popup.

Quote from Steam forums, note the original forum post can be found here.

The popup that appears every time a user clicks "Browse Community Servers" on the initial startup of the game; should be given a "never display this message again" option.

4) Nerfing the p90 / changes to the kill reward system

Most people who have played Counter Strike before GO came out, who have then gone onto a server and used the p90 on this game, will say that it is extremely easy and overpowered. Personally, it's far too easy to use as an SMG that costs a much lower amount than a rifle. In close quarters this gun is almost unstoppable. A change is needed.

Regarding the kill / reward system, Volcano makes a very good point about it here.

5) Molotovs

After speaking with quite a few people, whom have agreed that molotovs should not slow and damage players, but one or the other. Molotovs in their current state are quite frankly, unstoppable if a team runs through one. I propose that either molotovs do damage _OR_ slow down the enemy, but not both. 




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